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Mr. Busby’s Artwork Displayed at National Exhibit

Artwork created by Ben Lippen’s high school art teacher, Mr. James Busby, was selected for display at EXPO CHICAGO 2019, a national art exhibit at Chicago’s famous Navy Pier. Represented by Neumann Wolfson Art, Mr. Busby’s work was on public display from September 19-22, 2019. Neumann Wolfson released the following statement in regards to Mr. Busby’s work, “James Busby’s abstract works are inspired by the spatial, temporal, and interactive dynamics of the creative process. He…investigates the relationship between art objects, viewers and the context in which art is viewed.” When asked about his role as a professional artist, Mr. Busby said, “I am very blessed to make art in this community and have my work exhibited all around the world. Hopefully, my paintings will be a reminder to viewers to pause and look closely at their surroundings.”

Pictures of Mr. Busby’s artwork, as well as more information about EXPO CHICAGO 2019, can be found at the link below.


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