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Mrs. Cindi McCain named Teacher of the Year 2021-22

For 22 of her 31 years in education, Cindi McCain has shaped the lives of our youngest Falcons. Teaching kindergarten at Ben Lippen’s Northeast Campus provides learning opportunities not just for students, but also for Cindi—a challenge she looks forward to every single day. Read on to find out more about Ben Lippen’s very own 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year. 

How do you feel about having won?

It is both humbling and surprising to have been given this honor.

How have you seen the Lord work in your career?

The Lord teaches me along with my students as He allows me the privilege of coming alongside them in their struggles and successes and in their transparency and need. As we go to His Word to see what He says about our effort, our relationships, our words to and actions toward one another, our failures, and our accomplishments, we learn together that He is a good God and a good Heavenly Father Who can be trusted in every situation and Who cares about every situation of our lives.

How do you handle the responsibility of teaching?

As the Lord brings each student to our classrooms, He is giving us the tremendous joy, responsibility, and opportunity to point His Image-bearers to Him. With this privilege comes the need to know each student: their strengths, challenges, learning styles, personality, and much, much more! This takes time and prayer in order to seek and to teach to their style, encourage them along the way, and disciple them in His ways.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

How I love getting to know my students and their families! Walking through life with them in their kindergarten year, teaching my students to read so that they can read God’s Word, watching my students grow in their knowledge of the Lord and as learners of His world, and watching Him conform them more and more into the Image of His Son is such a joy!

How would you sum up your teaching experience?

The Lord has given me an incredible privilege in teaching, whether it is to our youngest of students or to our older ones. I have been taught by godly teachers, one of whom would remind us that we have been given a toolbox, which is our curriculum, to use to point our students to Him. I have been placed with godly men and women who disciple my life every day as they faithfully love, serve, and follow Him. 

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your Name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and Your faithfulness!”

—Psalm 115:1

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