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Mrs. Heidi Willard

Teaches: Chemistry (CP, Honors, and AP)

Mrs. Willard is well-known in Ben Lippen School circles because of her work with and support of our theatre program, but she also teaches at Ben Lippen! She has three amazing kids: twins Madie and Sarah who are juniors at USC, and Zach who is in 11th-grade at BL. Two cockapoos named Max and Izzy complete their family. When Mrs. Willard finds free time she has different interests depending on the season: in the winter, she loves to read and in the summer, she enjoys spending time on the lake.

What is something most people don’t know about you? I was once top 15 in the nation as a platform diver (10 meter).

What are you passionate about? watching students learn something new

Why do you choose to teach at Ben Lippen? great students and great families

What do students get at Ben Lippen that they won’t get somewhere else? a community that walks beside them through life’s ups and downs

What do you love most about Ben Lippen? the people that make up this amazing community

What do you love most about teaching the subject you teach? I love watching a students’ faces when they finally understand a concept and “get it.”

What is your favorite part of your school day? When we get to do labs. Science is so much more fun when you get to do it rather than talk about it.

What has been your most memorable moment at Ben Lippen so far? Homecoming week. Watching the students work together to put on a carnival and then seeing BL families and alumni enjoying time together shows how different the culture at Ben Lippen School is from other schools where I have worked.

What is your teaching style? I prefer hands-on learning that involves collaboration and when possible experimentation.

What do you love most about teaching your students? I value the relationships that I am building with each student. I truly believe that I have a hand in the future because of my presence in their lives today.

updated September 15, 2020

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