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Mrs. Martha Davis

Lower School Assistant, Northeast Campus

Mrs. Martha Davis has been a lower school assistant at Ben Lippen for 10 years and for three of those years, she served as director of extended care at our MR campus. Mrs. Davis grew up in Columbia and went to USC (Go Gamecocks!) where she majored in English. After graduating from Carolina, she taught High School English for five years in Richland District Two. Her husband, Matt, is an architect and “the world’s best husband and father!” according to Mrs. Davis. They met at First Baptist Church (where they are still very active members) and have been married for 23 years. They have three sons: Cole (21), Ben Lippen Class of 2016, Wade (17), a senior at Ben Lippen, and Heath (15), a sophomore at Ben Lippen. Cole attended kindergarten at Ben Lippen so this is their 17th year here as a family. Regarding her family’s time at Ben Lippen, Mrs. Davis remarked, “What a tremendous blessing it has been to have been a part of this school for so long!” In her free time, Mrs. Davis loves to visit Edisto, read good books, and take care of her house full of pets!

What is something someone doesn’t know about you? I was switched at birth! Thankfully, it didn’t take my mother too long to realize that she had been given the wrong baby and the nurses quickly found me in another woman’s room. Whew!

What do students get at Ben Lippen that they won’t get anywhere else? Many years ago, my husband and I went to observe Cindi Taylor McCain [K5 teacher at our MR campus] to see if kindergarten at Ben Lippen was the right choice for our oldest child. I’m sure we stayed far past our allotted time because we were so blown away by the way she was interacting with the children. She was loving, encouraging, and kind, but most importantly, she was speaking God’s truth to these young children. This is why we chose Ben Lippen and what makes it the very best school in Columbia. I am so fortunate to get to work with Mrs. McCain and all the other wonderful lower school teachers and staff who daily pour God’s love into the students entrusted to them. Teaching is not only their profession; it’s their calling.

What do I love most about Ben Lippen? I love that Ben Lippen is my home. It’s a family. It’s a community of believers who want their children to have a Christ-centered education. Ben Lippen truly does partner with the family and the church to surround our kids with wisdom and guidance that only comes from God. What a joy and privilege it is to be a part of this environment!

updated October 4, 2019

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