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Mrs. Shannon Nichols

Teaches: High School Mathematics

Mrs. Nichols was born and raised in North Carolina, the Tar Heel State, but attended North Carolina State University. “Go Wolfpack!” She met her husband, Dan, there while in graduate school where she received her master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. After finishing seminary in Kentucky in 1998, the couple moved to South Carolina.  They spent many years in ministry in Sumter before moving to Columbia in 2017. They have four children: Katelyn (BLS ’18), Sarah Grace (BLS ’21), Stephen (BLS ’24) and Hannah (BLS ’28).  Her husband is a CIU alumnus (’05) and so is her daughter Katelyn, so they all love the Falcons and the Rams! Her mother-in-law, Sara Nichols, lives with them here in Columbia and is adored by all.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love the outdoors! My family and I like to camp, hike, mountain bike, and we enjoy bonfires, grilling out and most outdoor games. I play adult league tennis as time permits.

Group from BLS visits the Mediterranean Sea

What is something people may not know about you? I went to Israel with a group from Ben Lippen in Summer 2019. Here’s a group photo of us at the Mediterranean Sea.

What do you love most about teaching your students? I love the language of mathematics and its applications and I want to share that with my students. I love when students who may have an aversion to the subject come to enjoy it too. I love hearing them grow in their critical thinking skills and ask the deeper questions. I love Ben Lippen students and seeing their diverse interests and talents. I love teaching at the high school level due to the depth of relationship I can develop with these students as we share so much life together. I love encouraging them and seeing them thrive in all areas of life!

What is your favorite part of your school day? I love family groups, study hall, after school, group time, or any time I can get to know or help students one on one. Often, I find that students reveal more about themselves when we can talk and work together one on one. This is when the most change can take place and growth is more clearly seen. The growth is not just academic, but personal and spiritual also. I love knowing I can share truth and the love of Jesus throughout the school day and in every activity.

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