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Senior Spotlight: Amaya

Amaya plans to pursue a pre-vet track with a major in Marine Science, Animal Studies, or Biology after graduation. “Ever since I was three, I’ve always said I wanted to be a Vet and I love animals sooooo much.” During her senior year, Amaya was active in Young Life and Track & Field.

Which teacher or staff member at Ben Lippen has had the biggest impact on you?
The teacher who has made the biggest impact on me at Ben Lippen is Ms. Odom. I say this because she’s strong in her faith and I admire the fact that she continues to not only be supportive and exemplify what it means to be a TRUE Christian, but she holds me accountable. She listens but also challenges me to think on a deeper level. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from her is to challenge what’s been said. Ask questions, push past the boundaries, and have those uncomfortable conversations. Whatever the topic is, know that you know and be able to stand on it, not just with facts or personal beliefs but with faith and scripture.

What was your favorite class at Ben Lippen?
My favorite class at Ben Lippen was Chemistry. I enjoyed having Ms. Willard; she’s a great teacher. She made me fall in love with Chemistry and my experience in that class has always been fun. She’s patient and makes sure her students understand without getting frustrated. She’s great at creating ways to teach students who learn differently than others. Plus Chem is just a great subject!😊

What is the best piece of advice you would give to students coming behind you?
The best advice I would give students coming behind me would be to remain true to yourself and to remember the assignment God has called for you. Regardless of what everyone else is doing around you, know that you are set apart and do not be afraid to be seen as different. I would also tell the students behind me to stand up when they see things that aren’t right or could be improved. Challenge the ‘norm’ even if no one else does and embrace change.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I would like to shine a light on Mrs. Adams. 😊 I love her with all my heart and she’s been so great. She’s been my destiny helper. Mrs. Adams has been my #1 supporter since day 1 during the summer I met her before coming to BL my first year. She’s always spoken well of me and been there for me and my family.

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