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Starting Preschool? 4 Questions To Ask Before Visiting

You’ve seen your child reach so many milestones in those memorable early years. You remember their first smile. You celebrated when they spoke their first words. You watched as they took their first steps. This time, it’s another special first — they’re getting ready for preschool! You’re bracing yourself for the thoughts and feelings that arise as you consider school options for your child.

           How can I be sure they’ll be safe, nurtured, and cared for?

          How can I make this a great school experience for my child?

You’re not alone in this journey. These thoughts and feelings are common, and Ben Lippen School recognizes that it’s important for parents to feel confident as they explore options for their child’s education. To help you be as informed and prepared as possible, here are four key questions to ask to help you move forward with confidence in your search for the right preschool.

What To Know Before Starting Preschool: Questions To Ask

Does the school share the values you teach at home?

Many things are important when considering a preschool, but as you know, values alignment is a top priority. You’re aware that your child is taking small steps toward growing independence, and you want to ensure they receive guidance from teachers who model Christ’s love.

  • What does values alignment look like at Ben Lippen?
    Ben Lippen School’s preschool program instills a biblical worldview even for the youngest learners. Pre-K 3 and pre-K 4 students are engaged in Scripture, listening to Bible stories, discussing in small groups, and learning through teachers that display Christ-like values in and out of the classroom.Through the Deep Roots curriculum, students learn to apply God’s Word in their daily activities — whether it’s through speaking kind words, sharing with others, or completing their work during class.

Does the school provide a supportive, healthy community?

As your child transitions from being at home to having their first school experience, you envision an environment where they’ll feel seen, valued, and supported. You want your child to feel the support of teachers who demonstrate kindness and compassion in the classroom each day.

A school that genuinely cares for its students can help your child feel safe, giving you confidence that they’re receiving love and support.

  • What does a supportive community look like at Ben Lippen?
    We understand preschoolers need the time and space to get accustomed to a new learning environment. Small class sizes ensure that each child will receive support while limiting distractions, while our student-centered approach provides every learner with the specific tools they need to succeed. Your child will be surrounded by like-minded peers, allowing them to form healthy friendships.

Does the school prepare your child for kindergarten?

Aside from having fun and forming friendships outside the home, you want your child to have a strong academic foundation in preparation for kindergarten. Learning how to read, form sentences, count, and even gain readiness skills such as coloring, holding a pencil, or using scissors are all important pieces of the puzzle that will equip your child for their next steps.

  • How does Ben Lippen set an academic foundation for preschoolers?
    At Ben Lippen, academic preparation is more than just teaching how to read or count — our teachers intentionally get to know your child’s unique interests and learning style. Preschoolers engage in learning centers, focusing on subjects such as language arts, science, or math — as they enjoy a project, activity, or game embedded with lessons within the curriculum.Critical thinking activities are also woven into Ben Lippen’s program. Our preschoolers are taught to ask thoughtful questions, think of various solutions, and collaborate with their ideas to accomplish a goal. Whether it’s creating a craft project together, observing nature, or role-playing, preschoolers are engaged in hands-on learning experiences.

Is the school accessible and safe?

Last but not least, there are practical considerations. When thinking about drop-offs and pick-ups, you desire a place close to your community. At the same time, there’s no greater feeling than knowing that your child is safe in school.

  • What do accessibility and safety look like at Ben Lippen?
    We understand that accessibility matters for our families here at Ben Lippen, and this is why we offer our preschool program on all three campuses (Monticello Road, Northeast, and St. Andrews Road). Whether you live within these communities or are nearby these areas, your preschooler will receive the same high-quality education that Ben Lippen School provides. We implement safety measures such as locked doors, background checks, security personnel, and fenced playgrounds to ensure that our students are cared for as they grow and explore. Faculty and staff at Ben Lippen adhere to biblical lifestyle guidelines, providing Christ-centered mentorship and emotional safety for our preschoolers.


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