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Seabrook Easterling

Student Spotlight: Seabrook Easterling

In this student spotlight, we are featuring Junior Seabrook Easterling. Seabrook created a teen lifestyle blog during her freshman year of high school and continues to share useful and insightful content on a regular basis. Check out her story below.

SeabrookHi there! My name is Seabrook Easterling, and I am a junior at Ben Lippen. I came to Ben Lippen for my freshman year of high school, and it has been the biggest blessing! I am grateful for supportive teachers who push me to do my best and for like-minded friends, who not only make me laugh but also push me to pursue godliness above all else. I wanted to share my story of how I created Sea Of Style, a lifestyle blog for young women. Grab your favorite drink and get cozy for the next few minutes! 🙂

The eldest of five sisters, I have grown up surrounded by pink and purple and all things girly! I am blessed with four best friends as sisters who each bring a dose of joy and fun into daily life! My love for dress-up has blossomed into a passion for fashion and style. When I discovered the world of blogging in 8th grade, I was hooked. That same year, I was more intentional about my relationship with the Lord and made it my own faith; I had accepted and trusted Jesus in 2nd grade, but it was really not until the end of middle school that I pursued a closer walk with my Savior. Both my parents are believers, and their outspoken faith largely led me to accept Christ; my father is patient, wise, humble, understanding, and humorous, and my mother is Superwoman – she can make a meal from anything, find treasures at a thrift store, beautify a garden, hunt for quail, show hospitality to the church, and the list goes on – so they make a great team.

SeabrookI began dreaming about creating a blog during the summer after 8th grade. I appreciated the idea of combining thoughtful writing with inspiring images and style content. I was hesitant because I didn’t have a huge clothing budget, I was balancing schoolwork and extra-curricular activities, and I was only fifteen years old; nonetheless, I felt confident that the Lord could use me in the blogging world to be an emblem of truth for young women. I brainstormed what my blog would focus on, and I decided it would encompass all aspects of my life, from style, beauty, creativity, wellness, and faith – in a phrase, all things bright and beautiful! The blog’s purpose is to not only provide teen girls with relevant, feminine style content but also to encourage girls to seek Christ and grow in their relationship with Him. Young women need more tasteful role models in the fashion industry, and I wanted to fulfill that need with style inspiration that was applicable and affordable, modern, and modest. 

Using WordPress to create the blog and Pinterest as my primary social media platform, I published my first blog post on November 23, 2020. Since then, Sea Of Style has flourished and I post content weekly. It makes my day every time a sweet friend tells me she read the latest post or was inspired by something she read! My hope is that readers will feel refreshed with the gospel or inspired by a creative project, that my content will magnify His glory and brighten the day. Sea Of Style is my creative outlet, and I seek to glorify and reflect some of the Lord’s unique handiwork and creativity in what I share. 


Seabrook Easterling

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