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Teacher Spotlight: Bennett Weigle

All eyes were on the football program with the arrival of new head coach Bennett Weigle—but he desired to keep his players’ eyes on Christ. 

As essential as playbooks and talent are, Weigle said player-led teams are the secret to a good season. Teams with players holding each other accountable to God and others, with older students mentoring younger students, create a culture of winning in life and on the field.

Excited to work with fellow believers, Weigle was most excited to find a Christian environment in which to coach. He recognized this, as well as his fellow coaches and returning players, as a reason for the successful season.

“It was a perfect storm,” he said. “It was exciting to see them have success.”

Like in football, little decisions can have a major impact on life. Focusing on Christ-centered relationships off the field can help defend against viewing life as a win-loss column, and teaching players to succeed in all endeavors makes them more well-rounded individuals.

A good coach must also be a good teacher, Weigle said. Teaching players life lessons on the field will impact them while they play the sport and beyond.

Weigle listed three lessons that he teaches his players that, if they follow now, can change a student’s life.

“Be where you’re supposed to be, be on time, and give full effort in everything that you do,” he said. “If you can do those three things in life, you can probably be successful.”

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