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Terry Kang

Boarding Student Profile: Terry Kang

This is Terry Kang’s fourth and final year at Ben Lippen as he will be graduating in the spring. He is originally from Korea and his Korean name is Kang Ho-jun. Terry played soccer his freshman and sophomore years and is a kicker on the football team for the third consecutive year. He and his roommate Brian work well together and are leaders for their boarding house. At the end of last school year, Terry and Brian were asked to step up to lead their house this year as the only two returning seniors in their house. Both returned with a leadership attitude and are working together to help their houseparents, the Narukes, as well as the new students in their house.

Mrs. Naruke interviewed Terry this week so we could get to know him.

Tell me about your family. My grandparents and parents are Christian, and I have been going to church all my life with my family. My dad used to be a teacher, but he took over his father’s business and is the president of the company. My mom is a stay-at-home mom and likes to volunteer at her church for different events. I have a brother and he attended college in Boston for a year and is now taking a couple years off to fulfill his military duty in Korea.

How did you choose Ben Lippen School? My brother did a homestay and went to high school in California, and I was going to go to the same school he went, but he recommended that I go to a boarding school. I applied to five different boarding schools in the States but decided to come to Ben Lippen because I liked the housing system and the curriculum Ben Lippen offered. I didn’t even know where South Carolina was until I decided to come to Ben Lippen.

What do you hope to do after graduation? I want to study business in college and maybe go back to Korea. After gaining experience working somewhere, I will eventually go to work for my dad’s company.

How has living in the boarding houses had an impact on you? I learned how to live in a community by living with housemates. I learned how to cooperate and help others. Living in the boarding houses also helped me to be independent and prepared me for college. Living away from home made me appreciate my parents more.

What teacher has made a deep impression on you? He is not a teacher, but Mr. Russell made a deep impression on me. I didn’t realize until I became a prefect that all faculty and staff, especially Mr. Russell, work so hard to make everything happen. He pays attention even to the smallest detail and he is always busy. Working as a prefect lets me see things I didn’t see before. I am grateful for the opportunity that’s been given to me to serve as a prefect.

What has been your favorite class? Mr. Bethea’s English class. Writing essays is hard for me as an international student, but I like the unique style of his class and how encouraging he has been to me.

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