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Atkinson Family

The Atkinson Family

Working through Learning Challenges

What do you love most about Ben Lippen School?

The teachers and staff at Ben Lippen are what I love the most about the school. We have been so blessed for both of our daughters (5th and 1st graders) to have amazing teachers that not only challenge them academically and but more importantly help to grow them spiritually. We know that these teachers and the staff at Ben Lippen love Jesus – not only through their words but also through their actions.

How has Ben Lippen School has made a difference in your life?

Ben Lippen has made an eternal difference in our family’s life. It has been a blessing to have continuity in the lessons and beliefs taught to our girls at home, church, and school. Being at Ben Lippen has allowed our older daughter Abby the opportunity to thrive academically in a smaller size classroom environment. She struggled to learn to read in her early grades and was diagnosed with dyslexia between the first and second grade. The love, attention, and encouragement given by her teachers, has helped Abby to perform at her grade level and beyond in many cases. God is so wonderful that when we are weak in one area, he makes us stronger in others. For Abby, her strength has been math and her teachers have done a great job of recognizing this for her and giving her confidence in her work. She has learned to be diligent and stay focused to accomplish her goals in the classroom. We are also excited to see our younger daughter Sarah continue to grow spiritually and academically at Ben Lippen. We have never regretted the decision to send our girls to Ben Lippen or the financial sacrifices that we have made to do so.

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