Ben Lippen Stories

The Bennett Family

Why did you make the switch to Ben Lippen School? We were looking for an environment that was more personal to the students’ needs. A Christian focus that would challenge our son to grow in his faith and allow him to experience more in his life. He has grown from this experience.

Was there anything specific about Ben Lippen that influenced your decision to come here? He had a strong relationship with coaches and friends who attended Ben Lippen.

What grade was your child in when you made the switch? This was his senior year and his grades were fine, but he needed to learn more independence about being held accountable.

What campus do your child attend and what makes that campus unique and special to your family? He is at the main Ben Lippen campus. All of the improvements that were just finished has made the campus a wonderful, safe place for all students.

Has Ben Lippen School lived up to your expectations? Absolutely! The opportunities beyond the classroom, like his Winterim trip to Costa Rica, have enriched his life.

How has Ben Lippen helped your son thrive? He has learned how grateful he should be for all he has and that helping others is a blessing.

What advice would you give families who are considering Ben Lippen School? Your children will be nurtured by a school, families, friends and staff.

What does your son like best about Ben Lippen School? The close connection between students and faculty.

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