Ben Lippen Stories

The Burkhalter Family

The Burkhalter family enrolled their oldest daughter (they have 5 daughters!) two years ago when she was in kindergarten. Caroline is now in second grade and is thrilled that her younger sister Helen now attends Ben Lippen with her. Read on to find out why the Burkhalter family chose Ben Lippen for their children.

What do you love about Ben Lippen School? Christ and His characteristics are clearly the focus of the school, teachers, and staff. You see Jesus in the way people speak, act, teach and care for your children.

Why did you choose Ben Lippen School for your children? We chose Ben Lippen primarily for the focus on Christian education. We want our children to hear, learn and see scripture daily during school hours. We want them to be taught from a Christian worldview in a nurturing and discipline focused environment.

What is the one word that your family would use to describe the Ben Lippen experience so far? Uplifting

What would you tell other parents to encourage them to consider enrolling their children at Ben Lippen School? If you want to partner as a parent with a school that teaches Christ, abides by His teachings, nurtures your child and excels academically, it is the place for you in Columbia.

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