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Calcutt Family

The Calcutt Family

Why did you make the switch to Ben Lippen School from public/private school? We wanted a Christian education for our kids where they were challenged academically, but also spiritually. We wanted to send them to school knowing that their teachers were supporting what we were teaching them at home.

Was there anything specific about Ben Lippen that influenced your decision? BL’s principals and beliefs aligned with our Christian beliefs.

What grades were your children in when you made the switch? Did their grade influence your decision at all? K, 2nd, 6th and 9th. Yes. 3 out of 4 were transitioning to elementary, middle and high, so we felt like it was a good time to make the transition.

What campus do your children attend and what makes that campus unique and special to your family? Monticello Road, I love that they are all together at one campus and sports (for the most part) are available to them on that campus.

Has Ben Lippen School lived up to your expectations? Yes we have enjoyed it. There have been some bumps along the way, but every point has been a learning opportunity for all of us.

How has BLS helped your children thrive? It has challenged them spiritually and made them examine why they believe what they believe. BL has also enabled them to explore sports they may not have been given the chance to participate in at other schools.

What advice would you give families who are considering Ben Lippen School? There is a learning curve for the first year to understand the systems like RenWeb, how things work like carpool for multiple ages, etc. Be patient in the process.

What do your children like best about Ben Lippen School? The smaller classes, the teachers and sports opportunities

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