Ben Lippen Stories

The Carlson Family

Why did you make the switch to Ben Lippen School? We wanted our kids to have Christian teachers and to be educated from a Biblical-based curriculum and not anti-Christian, evolutionist, etc.

Was there anything specific about Ben Lippen that influenced your decision to come here? I work at CIU and Ben Lippen has a great reputation as a Biblical, Christian school with top-rate academics and amazing teachers and administrators.

What made the 3rd grade special for your child? His teachers are so sweet and caring and fun. He is new to Ben Lippen this semester and was very welcomed by his teachers and friendly classmates.

Has Ben Lippen School lived up to your expectations? It has been AWESOME! I love the school, staff, students, etc. I was surprised at how accommodating and helpful everyone was as were a new family this year. I was also pleasantly surprised that the dress code was not super rigid.

How has Ben Lippen helped your children thrive? The teachers are so encouraging!! They have all made friends right away.

What advice would you give families who are considering Ben Lippen School? It is a great school! They are welcoming and caring! Our family has felt included and cared for by all the teachers and administrators.

What do your children like best about Ben Lippen School? They like the schedule. They like the class pets. They like lunch and recess the best. 🙂 They love their teachers and their classmates.

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