Ben Lippen Stories

The Denning Family

This year, we’ve welcomed the Denning family into our community. Read what Brandon and Laura have to say about why they chose Ben Lippen and what they love about our school.

What do you feel your children get at Ben Lippen School that they would not get somewhere else? Education from a Biblical world view and Biblical knowledge

Our theme for this year is Thrive. How has Ben Lippen School helped your children THRIVE? Being in a safe and hurrying environment that promotes learning and appreciates individuality

Which campus do your children attend and what makes that campus unique and special to your family? Monticello Rd campus. We are SO thankful because it’s closer to us, both kids are on same campus, and it’s a hub of activity!

How would you share the value of the sacrifices your family has made for your children to attend Ben Lippen? It’s an investment in our children’s spiritual and educational development. Proving to be worth the sacrifice!

What advice would you give families who are considering Ben Lippen School? If the Lord provides a way for you to go, just do it! You won’t regret it!

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