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the Dickinson Family

The Dickinson Family

What do you love about Ben Lippen School? We love the family focus Ben Lippen has – they are constantly emphasizing how important family is and they show the students that they can balance that with great academics. The teachers care about both the student’s spiritual and educational growth. This is a great partnership with our family into working towards the goals we have for our children into making them spiritual rays of sunshine in a dark world. We also love the community at BLS – football games and opportunities to play sports make for a great family environment.

Why did you choose Ben Lippen for your daughter? We chose Ben Lippen because of the Christ-centered environment that the school promotes. Knowing our daughter is taught daily the Word of God and how she can impact the world is very important us. We love the class sizes and caliber of amazing teachers that BLS offers!

In what ways have you seen your daughter grow in her faith as a result of her experiences at Ben Lippen? We see Emma growing in understanding of the world around her yet she is learning about what God wants to teach her in His Word. She is challenged more than just learning “what” the word of God “says,” but in what it “means” to her daily life. Bible has quickly become one of her favorite/most challenging classes.

What is the one word your family would use to describe the Ben Lippen experience? Community.

What would you tell other parents to encourage them to consider enrolling their children at Ben Lippen School? Putting our daughter in Ben Lippen has been one of the hardest but best decisions we have made not only for our daughter but for our family. The education and growth we have seen has far outweighed any sacrifice we are making financially.

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