Ben Lippen Stories

The Gandy Family

What do you feel your son get at Ben Lippen School that they would not get somewhere else? Prayer! God! Interacting with other believers! Christian teachers!!

Our theme for this year is Thrive. How has Ben Lippen School helped your son THRIVE? First and foremost, my son is in class. If we did not decide to enroll in Ben Lippen, our son would still be in virtual school. Thriving is moving forward, attending classes, and learning face to face.

What campus does your son attend and what makes that campus unique and special to your family? Monticello Road campus, at CIU. We love the family environment of the campus.

How would you share with others the value of the sacrifices your family has made for your son to attend Ben Lippen? Being a public school teacher, I always felt the need to have my children attend public schools. My eyes have opened to the importance of faith-based education, especially in today’s world. Sacrifices seem small in comparison to the trade-off for what my son gets at Ben Lippen.

What advice would you give families who are considering Ben Lippen School? Trust God and believe that this is the place to send your children. I would not trade this year for the world for my son.

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