Ben Lippen Stories

The Hodges Family

This year, we welcomed the Hodges family into our community. Mom Rebekah recently shared with us her thoughts and feelings about Ben Lippen.

What do you feel your children get at Ben Lippen School that they would not get somewhere else? A safe place to live out their faith and grow in their knowledge of the Lord and His Word.

Our theme for this year is Thrive. How has Ben Lippen School helped your children THRIVE? Making a habit of memorizing Scripture and being responsible and independent.

Which campus do your children attend and what makes that campus unique and special to your family? Saint Andrews Road. I taught Bible classes at SAR while I was a student at CIU, so the campus itself brings back great memories. We also enjoy the intimacy fostered by a smaller number of students.

How would you share the value of the sacrifices your family has made for your children to attend Ben Lippen? The resources that the school is able to provide are superior to that of a public school. The faculty and staff strive for excellence and truly support the development and well-being of the whole child (body, mind, and soul). These things make it worth it.

What advice would you give families who are considering Ben Lippen School? Check out the clothes closet at SAR! We were able to find most of our wardrobe for the year there for a fraction of the cost of buying new or used from other parents.

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