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The Jefferson Family

Why did you make the switch to Ben Lippen School? I switched Shamiya in 3rd grade because #1 I always wanted her to attend Ben Lippen, #2 2nd grade was a complete failure. She never had homework or bought any papers home. Also I had met the BLS family when Justin Keitt (my nephew) was accepted into Ben Lippen. The love and respect that was shown to us was amazing. I knew then that whatever sacrifice I had to make, Shamiya and I were going to be a part of the Ben Lippen family until she completed high school.

Was there anything specific about Ben Lippen that influenced your decision to come here? The curriculum and the religious aspects influenced me but the biggest influence was the outpouring of love that was shown to Justin. I knew that if the administration could work that hard to help a young man who had lost his mother and didn’t really have any family, I knew that Shamiya needed and could thrive in that type of environment. Shamiya attended preschool right across the street and I always wanted her to attend BLS.

What makes the 5th grade so special for your child? Wow, 5th grade. I have seen so much maturity in Shamiya these last few months. Having a teacher like Ms. Bauer is also the reason of so much growth. She expects the students to be responsible and instills in them the things they need to succeed in middle school. No more “oh, but my mom;” they must be accountable for themselves. Spiritually, the growth is amazing. The compassion and knowledge of the Bible and how we as people should always try to help others has been tremendous. Shamiya has shown compassion that has amazed me. She always wants to help others especially the homeless. She played basketball on the elementary team and her compassion for the other team was great. 5th grade is a hard time but we are making it through with the help of the BLS family.

What campus does your child attend and what makes that campus unique and special to your family? Shamiya currently attends the SAR campus. This campus is special for me because I remember standing across the street at Redeemer Lutheran watching the kids outside at recess and saying to myself, “one day, Shamiya will go to that school.” Also sometimes if Shamiya has a half day of school she likes to go to her old preschool to say hello to her old teachers. This campus was closer to home and a smaller setting. I wanted her to enjoy moving up to middle school by moving to a bigger campus also.

Has Ben Lippen School lived up to your expectations? Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you? Ben Lippen has exceeded my expectations. I was really surprised at how genuine the faculty and parents are. Sometimes people pretend to be someone they’re not but I have not experienced this at BLS. When some of the faculty see me out on the weekend, it’s always a hug and how am I doing.

How has Ben Lippen helped your child thrive? Shamiya has really thrived while attending BLS. When she started in 3rd grade being the new girl she forged right ahead and made her way. Making friends and learning the BLS way of learning. It was a big adjustment but she lived up to it and Mrs. Zander was a great help with helping us to adjust. Spiritually she has grown as a person. She is compassionate and recites her Bible verses with passion. She has even taught me things. I do feel the smaller environmental at the SAR campus helped her to adjust from public school to private school.

What advice would you give families who are considering Ben Lippen School? To anyone considering attending BLS, it is worth the sacrifices you may have to make. The curriculum is great. The opportunities afforded to the students are outstanding. The extracurricular activities are great. I just think that BLS is a great school that strives to really instill and inspire our children to do their best.

What does Shamiya like best about Ben Lippen School? Well, Shamiya always says PE is her favorite subject but I have come to learn that science and Bible are her favorite academic subjects. She wants to be a marine biologist. She loves the friends she has made at school and being in 5th grade makes her feel like a big deal because the younger children look up to her. Her grades are great and her maturity is growing.

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