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The Reese Family

We are excited that the Reese family joined our community this year! Read what Mom Jane has to say about her family’s experience with Ben Lippen.

What do you feel your child get at Ben Lippen School that they would not get somewhere else? A safe, professional, engaging Christian worldview education, as well as a great place to network for friends and other social and extracurricular opportunities.

Our theme for this year is Thrive. How has Ben Lippen School helped your child THRIVE? My daughter is definitely thriving, for she cheerfully prepares for each school day, looking forward to the learning and the friends she has already made.

Which campus does your child attend and what makes that campus unique and special to your family? She attends the Monticello campus since she is in high school. It is a beautiful place that has a haven-like atmosphere that makes me feel at peace dropping her off each day.

How would you share with others the value of the sacrifices your family has made for your daughter to attend Ben Lippen? I am a widow and dependent on survivor benefits, part-time work, and my family to make ends meet. My daughter would not be able to attend if my extended family did not lovingly and sacrificially contribute financially towards her education.

What advice would you give families who are considering Ben Lippen School? Pray and seek the Lord’s will for your family. Also, have an understanding that Ben Lippen is a great school, but a great school is only as great as its people, and whether or not its people are those who have superior standards for all aspects of life to the glory of God. Every person, whether the student, the family member, the staff member or faculty member contributes or hinders the greatness of the school.

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