Ben Lippen Stories

The Shuford Family

What do you feel your children get at Ben Lippen School that they would not get somewhere else? At Ben Lippen, our boys get a biblical worldview and care and concern for their hearts – not just their behavior.

Our theme for this year is Thrive. How has Ben Lippen School helped your boys THRIVE? We just moved to Columbia from the Upstate and being able to go to in-person school with live teachers and new friends has allowed our boys to thrive.

Which campus do your children attend and what makes that campus unique and special to your family? Our boys attend the MR campus and this is special because all 4 boys are in the same place. This is an incredible blessing. They see each other throughout the day and have some of the same teachers (art, music, etc). They also know some of the older students and are so excited to run into them on occasion.

How would you share with others the value of the sacrifices your family has made for your children to attend Ben Lippen? It is a huge sacrifice but a huge investment into our children and their souls!

What advice would you give families who are considering Ben Lippen School? Come!!!

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