Ben Lippen Stories

The Sorley Family

What do you love about Ben Lippen School? Would it be too much to say everything? Because it’s the truth… the presence of Jesus, the family-friendly community, the genuine love for our children… When I say we love everything, we mean it wholeheartedly.

Why did you choose Ben Lippen for your children? It was a series of small, seemingly insignificant events that led us to visit Columbia International University. We loved the campus from the moment we stepped foot on it, but when we took our tour of Ben Lippen School, my husband and I both looked at each other and said, “This is it.” We knew from the moment we walked through those doors that this would be home. The presence of Jesus was so evident. The kindness of the community was unprecedented (and we don’t just mean the staff, but the high school students we saw in the hallways… saying hello and talking to our young children. It is something that isn’t common place in our world today). There is a genuine kindness that few places have… And I think maybe that’s it. Setting aside the obvious high academics standards and love for education (all very important), the things that made us choose Ben Lippen were: Jesus and kindness.

In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith as a result of their experiences at Ben Lippen? As we were driving to school one morning, our kindergartner alluded to being confused about the “Holy Spirit” and how it scared her (because she thought he was a ghost). Before either mommy or daddy could talk, our first grader jumped right in excitedly explaining how she doesn’t need to be scared of the Holy Spirit, about how he lives in us, and how he is part of God and Jesus… and on and on he went… The theology of a child!

And then he finished with this, “Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit are our BFF’s and that’s just awesome!”

That. I think that right there is the perfect example of how our children have grown in their faith… Their theology may be childlike, but their love for Jesus has grown exponentially since attending Ben Lippen.

What is the one word your family would use to describe the Ben Lippen experience? Jesus.

What would you tell other parents who are considering enrolling their children at Ben Lippen School? I would say this: Take a tour. If you are on the fence about whether or not your child should attend Ben Lippen, take a tour of the campus. Meet the teachers. Talk to other parents (because there are always parents around to talk to!)… I can assure you that their love for the school and its students is contagious!

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