Ben Lippen Stories

The Tipping Family

Why did you make the switch to Ben Lippen School? Besides church preschool, Ben Lippen is where we began the school journey. One of the biggest things for us is the overlap from home to school of focus on Jesus through everything.

Was there anything specific about Ben Lippen that influenced your decision to come here? The faculty and staff and current families at the time were a huge influence for us!

What makes the 3rd grade so special for your child? 3rd grade has been a great grounding year of knowing what’s expected and building upon so much of the foundation that has already been made in previous grades.

What campus does your child attend and what makes that campus unique and special to your family? MR-this campus is family to us, we love the faculty and staff.

Has Ben Lippen School lived up to your expectations? Yes, it is exactly where God wants us!

How has Ben Lippen helped your children thrive? BLS has grown our children in their walk with Jesus, their love for learning and experiencing new things, as well as developing friendships.

What advice would you give families who are considering Ben Lippen School? BLS is a wonderful place to help grow your child in their education and beyond!

What do your kids like best about Ben Lippen School? They love their teachers and friends.

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