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The Watson Family

LaVonna Watson, mom to one of our new Pre-K4 students, recently shared with us her thoughts about enrolling her son at Ben Lippen…

My son was not accepted into the Pre-K at the public elementary school. I was told he may be too advanced. So, I decided to spend money at a school where I know he will thrive and not be held back for being too advanced.

How would you share the value of sacrifices your family has made for your child to attend Ben Lippen? My husband and I agree that our children’s education should not have a price tag on it. We will do everything we need to do to help our children take advantage of the opportunities available as well as resources. We actually started saving a few years ago for our children’s education and we have not really had to make a sacrifice yet.

What advice would you give families who are considering Ben Lippen School? If it is God’s Will, He will surely make a way. Take advantage of opportunities and resources out there.

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