Ben Lippen Stories

The Wenning Family

Our son, Eli, is in Mrs. McCain’s kindergarten class, and our daughter, Hailey, is in Mrs. Abram’s Pre-K4 class. We have been richly blessed by the Northeast campus of Ben Lippen School and feel grateful to be a part of the Ben Lippen community.

What do you love about Ben Lippen School?
We love Ben Lippen’s Christian values and deep history of teaching students with a Biblical worldview. The Lord is weaved into every aspect of our children’s school day and that is invaluable to us as parents. The teachers and administrators at the Northeast campus are consistently pouring into our children and we are grateful for their dedication to creating a loving, safe, welcoming, and Christ-centered environment for our children.

Why did you choose Ben Lippen for your children?
We chose Ben Lippen after visiting a homecoming football game with a current family. The authentic relationships and community feel were present as we watched families and staff interact with each other. Ben Lippen offers a safe environment for our children to learn that aligns with our family’s beliefs. We chose the Northeast campus for our children because we love the small environment, and knowing that every staff member on campus knows our children by name brings us great comfort.

In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith as a result of their experiences at Ben Lippen?
We have seen a shift in their desire to know the Lord on a deeper level. Eli, our kindergartener, pulled out his Bible to read while he was eating breakfast before school one morning. Before we could even ask why, he joyfully let us know that Mrs. McCain starts her day by studying God’s word, so he wants to as well.

What is the one word your family would use to describe the Ben Lippen experience?

What would you tell other parents who are considering enrolling their children at Ben Lippen School?
Pray and seek the Lord’s guidance over your child’s education. If you feel led to Ben Lippen, tour and see what the school has to offer – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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