Ben Lippen Stories

Training Ground

I had the privilege of serving under the leadership of Dr. Jack Layman in Asheville, NC, from 1971 to 1976.

Dr. Layman is an extremely intelligent and godly man. He and the other faculty/staff members were a constant source of challenge and encouragement. One of the many things which Dr. Layman shared at our faculty/staff meetings was that “the Christian life is a life of new beginnings.” We don’t have to remain face down in our failures, as the enemy of our soul wants to do.

Also, I would like to share about student missions at Ben Lippen. Steve Walker, as president of The Student Missionary Fellowship, raised some funds for me to go as a summer missionary to France during the summer of 1972. Ben Lippen was and is God’s training ground for raising up a generation of young disciples!

Marty Bowie
Former Faculty/Staff

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