Student Support Recap for First Semester

January 9, 2024 Ben Lippen News

We are thankful for a wonderful start to the school year and want to celebrate all the ways that our teachers and staff were available for our Falcons by offering opportunities for student support during the first semester.

● The National Honor Society hosted tutoring sessions for 8th-grade students taking semester exams. Students were able to sign up for Math, English, or both sessions.

● The high school Academic Specialist hosted help sessions for 9th graders who needed extra help with executive functioning skills.

● The Falcon Success time for high school students offered students the opportunity to receive additional help from their teachers each day.

● Resource blocks for both middle and high school taught executive functioning skills and offered more one-to-one help with the Academic Specialist.

● All of the core teachers in middle school offered an after-school help session once a week which is indicated on their syllabus. In addition, all teachers were willing to provide after-school help if requested by a student.

● The Lower School Counselor offered instruction on topics such as gratitude, self-control, how to build one another up, and understanding God’s gift of emotions.

● The Lower School Academic Specialist helped students in small groups at all three campuses.

We are looking forward to continuing to support our students during the second semester with all of these opportunities and by adding these new opportunities below during the second semester.

● The National Honor Society will offer help sessions during some of the study hall time for the middle and High school students to offer student support as needed.

● The high school Falcon Success Time will have an additional math teacher in the classroom to be able to help more students during that time.