Visual Art Private Lesson Information

May 10, 2023 Fine Arts

Classical Art Making

The classical approach for art education is the focus on studying the masters. Classical French, Italian, and Russian schools focus on technique, master copy, still life, and anatomy drawing. In this track, students will build a better foundation in drawing and other mediums. Students will be able to construct an image and sight draw with an improved level of realism in their work.









Unlock your Creativity

What is style? How do I design a character? These are a few of the questions that will be explored in this track. A variety of creative challenges will be used to help unlock creativity. Students will learn how to adapt reference photos stylistically, gesture drawing, and the importance of mixed media exploration. In addition to creative thinking, students will learn about design rules and focus on improving their compositions.










Supply Needs

Classical Art Making supplies

1. Basic Drawing Kit

– Should include value pencils, charcoal pencils, kneaded eraser, white plastic

eraser, blending stump, and hand-held pencil sharpener.

– Recommended: Amazon Link

2. Sketchbook

– A side wire bound 9’’x12’’ sketchbook with 80+ pages and 65+lb paper

– Recommended: Amazon Link


Unlock Your Creativity

1. Micron Pen Variety pack: Should include fine point, brush tip, and chisel tip.

– Recommended: Amazon Link

2. Watercolor Paint travel set: This should have a variety of colors and be easy to transport.

– Recommended: Amazon Link

3. Multimedia Sketchbook:

– A side wire bound 9’’ x 12’’ sketchbook that is either a mixed media or watercolor

sketchbook. Paper weight should be near 100 lbs.

– Recommended: Amazon Link